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“You did the most thorough and complete job I have ever seen in a market study... in a way that provided us with the results that we needed.”

President, Leading U.S. Mining and Chemical Co.

To minimize costs and risks, HCI recommends that its new clients start with
HCI's on-site "Preliminary Marketing Analysis" (costing less than a single
trip) before moving ahead to become established in a new foreign market.

HCI’S MARKET RESEARCH goes far beyond vague generalities to produce accurate inside information and solid sales leads. This is accomplished in three steps:

THE OUTCOME OF THIS IN-DEPTH PROCESS is a practical, step-by-step Marketing Plan that you can implement to launch your export venture with confidence. Your own sales staff can immediately begin closing agent agreements and contracts with Targeted Customers.

In fact, HCI’s Export Launch Program is thorough enough to have achieved a superb track record. Over the years we have found and developed profitable overseas markets with one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry. HCI’s comprehensive market research allows you to pursue your international venture with confidence.

HCI’S EXTENSIVE FOREIGN MARKET RESEARCH allows your business to achieve attractive long term sales and earnings with far less upfront costs than you would incur going it alone. Our Export Launch Program uses ‘Critical Success Factors’ that we’ve identified during 50 major industry studies completed over 24 years of foreign marketing to realistically evaluate the market opportunities for your products. The Export Launch Program includes:

HCI markets throughout the Pacific
HCI foreign market consultants
Research & Analysis

HCI’s experience in foreign market research leads to successful foreign market ventures in export markets.