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Success Story

HCI DEVELOPED ONE OF THE FIRST "straight-through" logistics systems in Mexico, saving our Clients significant costs and transit time and virtually eliminating theft and handling damage. We’ve helped many customers reduce costs and overhead without affecting performance. Let HCI apply this same level of initiative and problem solving ability to your export challenges.

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"HCI's attention to detail, enthusiasm, and willingness to become involved has ensured a successful conclusion to our... efforts."."

F.W. Blankemeyer, Vice President,  Valleydale Packers, Inc.

HANDLING YOUR LOGISTICS CHALLENGES is one of the capabilities that sets HCI’s export consultant services apart from other consultants. Our experience running our own exporting operations as well as those of our clients translates into increased profits and decreased headaches for you.

For example, in work for Aramco (the world’s largest oil company), Henderson Chemicals (now HCI) developed and implemented systems of checks and controls that largely compensated for human error and substantially increased reliability. Our order return rate was below .007%, and on time deliveries were better than 95% versus the 60% industry norm.

LET HCI’S EXPERTISE as an export consultant work for you in the following areas:

HCI's export consultant can launch foreign business ventures.
Logistics & Operations

HCI logistics and Operations export consultant can set up all logistics and operations for your company's export business.